A New Year for Beekeeping!

Thursday 5 January 2023

With a reputation for delicious wildflower honey and a prolific wild blueberry industry, Atlantic Canada has bountiful opportunities for beekeepers! Whether you are continuing on your beekeeping journey in the new year or just getting started, membership with your provincial beekeeper association can be a valuable tool.

A New Year for Beekeeping!

All Atlantic beekeeper associations are open for 2023 membership renewal and registration! Membership to each group is unique, but all present a community of beekeepers with a breadth of knowledge. Associations typically come together a few times during the year for small workshops and a culminating annual convention. These meetings provide interesting educational and networking opportunities! For example, involvement in your provincial association is a great way to connect with a mentor or start a pollination relationship with a wild blueberry producer. Associations are also an excellent platform for broadening your beekeeping education. For example, annual meetings typically include guest speakers presenting on relevant new research or offering insight into their own beekeeping experiences. 


Provincial associations can provide useful services and tools, as well. For example, members may organize as a group to place bulk orders on new queen bees for the spring or sugar syrup for fall feeding. Some groups offer access to a shared tools such as a honey extractor. Get involved with your association to find out what resources are available for you. 

Follow the links below to learn more about how to join or renew your provincial beekeepers association membership for the 2023 beekeeping season!

New Brunswick Beekeepers Association

Newfoundland and Labrador Beekeepers Association

Nova Scotia Beekeepers’ Association

Prince Edward Island Beekeepers Association

ATTTA Winter Workshop

All members of the Atlantic provincial beekeepers associations are invited to attend ATTTA’s second winter workshop on January 24th. This is a free, virtual event held from 7pm to 8:30pm where we will discuss how to prepare for wild blueberry pollination services!

Connecting with ATTTA Specialists

If you’d like to connect with ATTTA specialists or learn more about our program, you can: