Summary of the 2023 Wild Blueberry Producers Association of Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting

Thursday 23 November 2023

Last week ATTTA was pleased to attend the Nova Scotia Wild Blueberry Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Wild Blueberry Producers Association of Nova Scotia (WBPANS). The event is held annually for those involved in the Nova Scotia wild blueberry industry and provides an opportunity for networking and education. This year’s event was held in Truro, NS on November 16th and 17th. In this week’s blog, we will share some of the highlights from the event.

Summary of the 2023 Wild Blueberry Producers Association of Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting

The event occurred on November 16th and 17th, where over 200 representatives from the wild blueberry industry were in attendance, including blueberry growers, beekeepers, pesticide and agriculture equipment suppliers/manufacturers, Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture representatives, and university researchers. Throughout both days, people had the opportunity to visit various exhibits at the tradeshow. Perennia and ATTTA had a joint exhibit, where our team enjoyed speaking with blueberry growers, and other representatives of the industry.


During the morning of the WBPANS annual general meeting, the group heard from the WBPANS president David Harrison. Following the opening remarks from the WBPANS president, the group had presentations on the “Wild Blueberry Market”, a “Wild Blueberry Extension Report” from Hugh Lyu (Perennia Wild Blueberry Specialist), and a presentation on “Wild Blueberry Health Research”.

During the afternoon of November 16th, the WBPANS held their annual business meeting. Multiple presentations occurred during the 2023 business meeting, including an industry update from the Minister of Agriculture, the Honorable Greg Morrow, WBPANS Executive Directors Report from Peter Burgess, and a report from the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture (NSFA). Day one of the conference concluded with a banquet, which was attended by 74 industry representatives.

Day two of the conference highlighted various research being done to support the wild blueberry industry. ATTTA was fortunate to give a research update about our 2023 projects. We will be discussing the results of our 2023 projects in an upcoming blog for those interested in learning more about the research ATTTA does. Additionally, ATTTA launched our new best management practice guide “Protecting pollinators from pesticides” which will be available online soon!

There were multiple presentations from Dalhousie University representatives, including Dr. Scott White, Dr. Travis Esau, Dr. Chris Cutler, and Dr. David Percival. These presentations covered a wide variety of new research, including weed management, optimizing blueberry harvest efficiency, updates on blueberry pest species, and blueberry disease management.

After a challenging growing season, this event was an opportunity for all members of the wild blueberry association, and for those who work to support the industry, to share their experiences from this past season. The 2023 season presented difficult growing challenges not seen in recent memory. Due to extreme weather conditions, there was reduced yields for growers, and, unfortunately, there was a rapid decrease in market prices. As many people said throughout the conference, a combination of weather and economic events made farming difficult. However, the biggest take away from this event is that the wild blueberry industry is resilient, and it works to produce a quality product for which there is an ongoing demand. Therefore, the industry remains optimistic for a more profitable 2024 season.

Thank you to all members of WBPANS who helped organize this great event. Also, thank you to all the sponsors of the event, and to those who work to support the wild blueberry industry of Nova Scotia.

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